PEC promotes civil society development, the realization of human rights & sustainable positive changes for women & youth through education, advocacy, communication.

Our programs

Program directions ensure realization of the main goal of the Partnership for Education and Communication, supporting human rights, realization of democratic values and sustainable development in Georgia.

formal education

Program aims to study, analyze and support integration of international experience in the field of formal education; To participate in the elaboration of students-centered educational programmes; To ensure realization of right to education for children left behind the formal education system.

non formal education

Program aims elaborating educational program based on children and adult education principles for target groups, to promote creation of appropriate environment for each citizen, where   adolescents, youth, and people interested in non formal education will be able to realize their full potential and participate in all spheres of social life.

strategic communication

Planning and managing communication campaigns for nongovernmental and private sectors; Elaborating and implementing PR-Communication plan; develop marketing plan; planning and managing integrated marketing campaigns; develop Brandbook.


Program aims  to realize evidence based advocacy at a national, local, international level. Supports improving social, economic, political, and legislative environment by using reliable evidences, renewed database and researches, state practices and relevant procedural law, international and regional treaties, conventions/agreements and other human rights instruments and planning & implementing advocacy-lobbying campaigns

gender equality

Program aims to promote gender equality in Georgia, through empowering women in economic, social and political spheres; supporting creation of equal opportunities women and man. Systematic Integration of women and men priorities and needs through gender mainstriming in the process of policy formation, implementation, monitoring and evaluations at local and national level.

empowering youth

Program aims to promote youth participation in public, economic, cultural and political life; advocate youth policy, raise awareness about democratic values and civic engagement mechanisms;  support their participation in decision making processes, promote youth initiatives, their leadership and career development.

health lifestyle and wellbeing

Program aims to raise awareness and education on healthy lifestyle and wellbeing, establish supportive environment for health, popularization of healthy lifestyle; create youth-centered environment where they can spend time fruitfully.